05 Jul 2024

Case Study: Installing a Solatube Skylight in a B&B  

Q&A with Ash, New Zealand


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A couple purchased a new home and, after a few years, decided to convert it into a Bed & Breakfast (B&B). One of the key improvements they sought was increasing the natural light in the hallway, enhancing the ambiance for their guests. 

The Search for Skylights
The need for better lighting in the hallway arose as the couple aimed to create a more inviting and bright environment for their B&B guests. They began exploring skylight options to achieve this goal. 

Choosing Solatube Skylights:
Several factors led the couple to choose Solatube skylights over traditional options: 

  • Affordability: Solatube offered a cost-effective solution compared to other skylight options. 
  • Efficiency: The quick installation process made Solatube an attractive choice. 
  • Reputation: Having known about Solatube skylights for years, the couple trusted their quality and effectiveness. 

Installation Process

Initially they installed two Solatube skylights, which significantly improved the hallway's lighting. Pleased with the results, they added a third skylight shortly after, which further brightened the entire length of the hallway. 

Impact and Feedback
The installation of Solatube skylights brought a noticeable improvement in natural lighting and the overall ambiance of the B&B. Guests were impressed, with some even expressing interest in installing Solatube skylights in their own homes. The couple effectively "sold" the idea to their guests, highlighting the positive impact of Solatube skylights. 


“Some guests were impressed and said they must do the same. Sold them the idea!” 

- Ash


For four years since starting their B&B, the couple has been recommending Solatube skylights to others. They believe it was the best improvement made to their house, providing excellent results at a minimal cost. 

Additional Thoughts
The couple emphasised that installing Solatube skylights was the best and most cost-effective enhancement they made to their home, significantly benefiting their B&B business.Ash 4.jpg 

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