06 Jun 2024

Solatube St Marks Success Story 

Originally published on Solatube International   


In the realm of architectural challenges, few are as vital and impactful as bringing natural light into educational spaces. When a school faced the task of needing to bring in natural light to 22 distinct areas within its premises, including classrooms, canteen, storage spaces, and more, the solution had to be innovative and practical. This is where Solatube, renowned for its efficient daylighting solutions, stepped in to transform the environment. 

The Challenge 

The school's layout presented a common issue: a deep building plan with limited access to natural light due to a scarcity of windows, while also being 3 levels high. However, the project brief was clear - light up these crucial areas across all three levels of the building. This posed a significant challenge due to the building's design restrictions. 

The Solatube Solution 

Enter Solatube, known for its focus on quality products and installations. The team leveraged Spectralight Infinity tubing, capable of running in lengths of up to 18 meters from rooftop to level 1. This technology allowed natural light to penetrate deep into the building, overcoming the limitations posed by the structure's design. 

One major concern was the potential light loss due to double 90-degree bends in the tubing. However, working closely with Solatube experts, the design was fine-tuned to contain these bends within the ceiling void, ensuring optimal light transmission without compromising efficiency. 

Seamless Integration 

The process of integrating Solatube Skylights was not just about installation; it was a collaboration to achieve the best lighting solutions for each environment. Test installations and fine-tuning during the design, documentation, and construction phases ensured that the skylights were strategically placed to maximise natural light without harmful UV rays or excessive heat. 

Architectural Flexibility 

For architects, Solatube Skylights are more than functional solutions; they are design tools offering unparalleled flexibility. By seamlessly blending natural light, excellent colour rendition, and energy efficiency, architects can create spaces that inspire learning and well-being. 

The successful installation of Solatube skylights in the school exemplifies how innovative daylighting solutions can transform educational environments. With Solatube's expertise and technology, what was once a challenge – bringing natural daylight indoors to multiple levels of a deep-plan building - became a beacon of natural light, enhancing the learning experience for students and creating vibrant, inviting spaces for all who enter. 


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