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The latest in health and living

Learn about daylighting and the benefits of natural light. Browse through our tips, tricks, and insights about how Solatube skylights can help you be happier and healthier within your home.

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New Years Resolutions
18 Jan 2021 Living

Installing a Solatube skylight in your home is an easy way to help achieve those environmental and financial goals in 2021.


HGTV EMHE kitchen 1 hig res exp 03 15 2021 1
23 Dec 2020 Living

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Memories are created through food and festivities, and the way to anyone’s heart (both male and female!) is through the stomach – right?

While some houses have naturally spacious, open plan designs and an abundance of natural light, this is certainly not the case for everyone. And if your kitchen may feel small, cluttered and dark on a regular day, with the family over for Christmas it can easily make it feel even smaller and closed in.