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13 May 2021

Can I install a Solatube skylight myself as a DIY project?

As Kiwis, we love a DIY project. Whether it’s building a shed, painting the house, or attempting to fix the lawn mower that’s been sitting in the garage for years. But there’s one DIY project that you need to leave to the experts - installing a Solatube skylight.

Only Certified Licensed Solatube Installers can install Solatube Skylights in New Zealand. This is one of the reasons why Solatube skylights come with our Highest Performance Guarantee, as well as a 10-year warranty and a No Leak Guarantee. Your installer will ensure your skylight is working the way it should - if not it will be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time.

Skylight installer image 002

All Solatube Installers go through extensive training to become fully certified, so that we can provide you with a professionally installed skylight that will achieve maximum daylight to brighten up your home. A free consultation will take place with a Certified Installer either over the phone or in your home, and they will then install the Solatube skylight in a matter of hours at a time that is convenient to you.

If you’re wondering where to buy Solatube Skylights, you won’t find them in any shops. You can only purchase Solatube skylights from our Certified Solatube Installers who will give you a quote with the installation cost factored in.

So, while there are many DIY projects you can do around the house, installing a Solatube skylight is not one of them. Let the Certified Solatube Installers do the job for you while you can focus on a different DIY project. If you want to have a Solatube Skylight installed or want to book a free consultation, contact Solatube today on 0800 765 288 or click here.

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