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19 Apr 2020

Do skylights heat up your home?

We often get asked this question by customers who are worried that installing a skylight will turn their home into a sauna in summer. And the short answer to this question is yes, a skylight will often bring some heat to your home, as natural light carries heat in the form of infrared radiation. However the amount of infrared radiation transferred into the home will depend on the technology that is used in the skylight.

Just like the old school incandescent electrical light globes generate a lot of heat, the technology behind the newer LED lights improved this issue so that you don’t burn yourself if you touch them. Differences in how skylights handle heat can be just as distinct.

So what can you do to stop heat entering your home via your skylight? We have listed some common solutions below:

Pull down the blinds

The quickest and easiest way to reduce the amount of heat entering a home is to simply pull down a blind or shutter. However whilst this reduces the heat entering the home, it also cuts out the light that enters the home, which of course defeats the purpose of installing a skylight in the first place.

Double glazing

Another way of reducing heat in a skylight is through double or even triple glazing layers. Whilst this does reduce the amount of heat that enters the home, each level of glazing also reduces the amount of light that comes through. This, just like the previous point, can counteract the original aim of installing a skylight – which is to bring natural light into a space.

Tinting/Window films

More commonly used for car windows, but also possible to do for skylights and especially skylights that have darker or opal coloured domes, is skylight tinting or window films. While tinting can be more selective and targeted with the light that passes through, this as well will impact on the end result with less light coming through.

INFRAREDuction technology

Solatube skylights are using advanced, patented INFRAREDuction technology that specifically focuses on removing infrared rays (heat) that enters the skylight. While 99.7% of the visual light is reflected down the tube, infrared rays are absorbed out of the tube before they can transfer through to the interior. This technology ensures that your Solatube skylight allow for the maximum amount of light to enter your home, but with minimum heat gain. How is that for cool technology?

If you would like to know more about how the technology behind Solatube skylights work, or how they can help you achieve a brighter home, contact us on 0800 765 288 or submit the form here.

Infra RE Duction 1

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