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18 Jan 2021

How Solatube skylights can help achieve your 2021 resolutions

We're almost three weeks in to 2021, and about now we are slowly starting to forget about those New Year's resolutions we swore so dearly to keep on New Years Eve. Was saving money and living more sustainably on your list for 2021? We might be able to help.

A Solatube Skylight is a great way to brighten up dark areas in your home, flooding it with more daylight than any other tubular skylight. But some of the less obvious reasons to install a Solatube skylight are the ones that might be able to help you achieve your resolutions this year.

Wonder how? Read on:

Reduce your energy bill

Is budgeting, saving money or simply not spending money on unnecessary things on your list? Have you ever thought about the electric lights in your house being one of those unnecessary things? Because flickering electric lights for several hours a day can contribute significantly to your energy bill.

With Solatube skylights, the light is captured by a rooftop dome and transferred through a tube lined with the most reflective material in the world, ensuring 99.7% of the light gets in to your home. The Solatube diffusers will distribute the light evenly in the room, providing beautiful, natural light without needing any electricity.

Traditional skylights can also generate a lot of heat making your house extremely warm on a sunny day, meaning that you need to have your air-con pumping to stay cool and further adding unnecessary dollars to your bill. The advanced technology in a Solatube skylight however blocks out the infrared rays and therefore keeps heat gain to a minimum in summer, and don't worry - it has similar capabilities to double glazing so it won't let the heat out in winter either!

Live more sustainably

Reducing our carbon footprint and living more sustainably was on the New Year's resolutions list for many, as we move towards a more environmentally friendly and planet conscious society. Caring for our planet is something that we simply cannot NOT do, and every little bit help! And a natural result to the reduced electricity usage that we mentioned in the previous point, is of course that it is also reducing your carbon footprint.

Solatube skylights are helping big companies around the world get closer to achieve their NetZero goals, and we can help you too! Our Solatube Tubular Daylight Devices were amongst the first innovations to receive the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" Label by the Solar Impulse Foundation, a label that is awarded to innovations that combine technical feasibility criteria, positive social and environmental impact and economic profitability, and serves as a guarantee of quality to those looking to implement clean solutions. A label that we wear with pride.

Increase the value of your home

Tying in to the first point; increasing the value of your assets is a big step for your financial goal, and if you are thinking of selling your home - adding natural light will do exactly that. How often have you not seen a property promoted with the words "light-filled interiors?

Great, natural not only create a good first impression for potential buyers, but it also make the home appear larger and more open. Skylights add value to your home because it enhances your home’s design and adds to low-cost energy consumption, and can influence things like the length of time it’s on the market and its sale price.

Feeling a bit better about your New Year's resolutions now? Contact our friendly team today to find out more!

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