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The latest in health and living

Learn about daylighting and the benefits of natural light. Browse through our tips, tricks, and insights about how Solatube skylights can help you be happier and healthier within your home.

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Seasonal Affect Disorder
06 Apr 2021 Tips

For a lot of people, winter is the fun season. You can go hit the slopes with your friends and family, or stay inside and curl up by the fire with a hot chocolate in hand. But for others, winter is a dreaded few months. If you’ve ever experienced anxiety heading into the winter months, you could be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. If you’re living with SAD here are some ways to help with it.


Electricity light bulbs
29 Mar 2021 Tips

At the end of each month, do you worry about how high your electricity bill will be? You’ve tried numerous ways to lower your energy consumption, but it continues to climb each month. While electricity prices do continue to rise, you can still take a proactive approach to lower your energy consumption.