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Options for your Solatube

Deliver natural daylight in a style to suit your decor. Solatube has a range of diffusers to choose from - including round and square. You can select the Classic Vusion™ with white trim to compliment your round downlights or if you have square downlights choose the square Optiview® or JustFrost™.

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Daylight meets nightlight

Solar NightLight

When you wake up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom you have two options: turn the lights on, blinding yourself and waking up your partner, or you take the risk and walk with your arms outstretched trying to feel your way through the dark. But not when you have the Solatube skylight fitted with the Solar NightLight. Here, solar panels collect the sun’s energy during the day and then at night subtly mimic the look and feel of moonlight with its LED bulbs. This means you can still find your way down your hallway without having to blind yourself, or trip over a misplaced toy in the middle of the night.

Control the sun without drawing the curtains

Daylight Dimmers

When you sit down to watch a movie with the family you might not want as much light coming into your lounge or media room as you usually would. That’s when you might want to consider the Solatube Daylight Dimmer. This looks like a normal switch that you would have on your wall, except that when you start to move the switch it controls a cover within your Solatube. This cover can almost fully close off the Solatube Skylight so that you let in the amount of light you wish. You can use the dimmer to have as much, or as little, light as you like. This makes it perfect for media and games rooms, where you at times want lots of light, and at others you don’t.

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