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Healthy Homes Sydney Skylight Installation

An amazing transformation in this gorgeous home bringing natural daylight into the kitchen space using Solatube Skylights by Solatube Australia.

Solatube Andalucía TikTok

See the amazing transitions and transformations from when a Solatube is installed. Visit their TikTok profile to see more amazing installations!

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Daylight Direct, Solatube UK

So many people are fitting solid roofs to their conservatories these days to avoid the heat build up when it’s sunny and keep the warmth in when it's cold; the consequence, though is that the room behind becomes very dark. This is just what happened to this customers' kitchen. Fortunately, a simple and cost effective solution is to install a Solatube sun tunnel or sun pipe.

View more transformation videos from Daylight Direct.

Solatube Australia Instagram

Proudly still Aussie-owned and now recognized worldwide, Solatube’s award-winning 'tubular skylight' technology has totally transformed how we bring daylight into buildings.

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End dark times in your home with Solatube

A quirky and fun explanation of how Solatube Skylights work by Solatube International.

Healthy Homes Australia S10 ep1

Gavin and Alahna reached out to Solatube Australia for some help with the lighting in their kitchen and to explore potential savings on their electricity expenses!

See the amazing transformation of their kitchen with Solatube Skylights bringing the natural daylight in.

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