06 Jun 2024

3 Common Questions About Solatube Skylights

We get asked a lot of questions about our Solatube skylights everyday, so we put together a few of the most common questions with detailed answers for you here.

3 Common Questions About Solatube Skylights_hero.jpg


1. Can you fit a Solatube skylight through a flat roof?

Absolutely! Solatube skylights don’t require a minimum length to work, so no matter the thickness of your roof it can be easily installed, even if you have a flat roof. We have even installed Solatube skylights in garages and garden sheds.

The type of roof you have also isn’t an issue. Regardless of whether it is corrugated, concrete tile, terracotta tile, or something else, our range of over 60 roof flashings can be fitted onto almost any roof covering. We ensure that each Solatube is customised to your roof requirements and fitted properly by a Certified Solatube Installer so that we can provide our No Leak and Highest Performance Guarantee.


2. What’s the longest Solatube tube you offer?

If you’re looking to install a Solatube skylight in your home, even the smallest Solatube - the size of a dinner plate, will deliver plenty of sunlight down a 6 metre tube. That’s almost the height of two storey building.

The most common tube length for a Solatube skylight in a residential home is around 1.5m, and it is very rare for residential homes to require more than 4m of tubing. But for peace of mind, even lengths of 10 meters is achievable with minor performance changes.


3. Can I change from a round to a square diffuser?

Solatube skylights come in both round and square, and each shape has several different diffusers to choose from to suit your style. These can easily be changed to a different diffuser of the same shape and size if you want to try something new (see the full range here).

Changing between the shapes however is a bit like a toddler’s shape sorter – you simply can’t fit the square diffuser to the round tube and hole, so make sure you have thought about which option you want before installation and discuss what you would like with your licensee.


To conclude...

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to brighten up your space, Solatube skylights will deliver sunlight to almost any room in your house, no matter if your roof is flat or if you need short or long tubing. Make sure you choose the Solatube shape that you want, book an installation with our nationwide network of certified licensees, and enjoy more beautiful natural light.

If you still have questions that are unanswered, check out our FAQ page or simply get in touch and we will answer all your questions for you.