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Traffic light system

Covid-19 December 21 update

As of 12.00am, Friday 3 December 2021 all of New Zealand moved to the Traffic Light system with varied levels of Red and Orange throughout the country.

Under this new system and at these levels, we can take calls and enquiries, and safely complete installations, whilst adhering to Covid-19 protocols and guidelines as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

The safety of our staff and our customers is paramount to us, and we will take any precautions necessary to ensure everyone's health and wellbeing.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact our Solatube Customer Service team who are ready to help via phone, online chat, or email.

Kia Kaha.

Creating healthy homes with natural lighting

For thousands of years, we've woken up and gone to bed with the sun. We see the light creep over the horizon, stretch and know it's going to be a good day. You can get that feeling every morning by letting more of this natural, beautiful light into your living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and hallways.

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Natural light boosts your body’s vitamin D storage - important for absorbing Calcium and promoting bone growth.

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The amount of sunlight you get during the day, has a direct impact on how much sleep you get at night.

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Studies have shown that exposure to natural light leads to higher levels of energy, in turn enhancing your productivity.

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You can expect to see a reduction in your electricity bill too!

Want to find out more on the benefits of natural lighting?
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Light up your life with natural lighting

See how natural lighting can transform your home

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Never trip over clutter left in your hallway - ever again

So many Kiwi homes are full of dark, gloomy spaces, including hallways, so dimly lit, they’re a trip hazard! Your hallway is most often the entrance to your home, so make it more light, bright and welcoming with a Solatube Skylight.

What people are saying

When I woke up Wednesday morning I initially thought the passage light was on.

Aileen, Homeowner

Read ingredients with ease once your kitchen is bathed in natural daylight

The kitchen is the hub of the home, where friends and family often congregate. A Solatube Skylight can transform both kitchens and butler’s pantries, so you can easily see to cook, read recipes, socialise and prepare amazing meals. Naturally.

What people are saying

Light as!

James, Homeowner

Our living areas are our multi-functional rooms

From castles, forts, battle grounds to library; we use our living areas for everything. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to put the lights on during the day?

What people are saying

It's made such a difference. My whole family is spending more time in the lounge

Happy Solatube owner

No one loves a steamy bathroom

One of the busiest rooms in any home, bathrooms are where you shower, shave and apply make-up, so natural light is a must. Add on Solatube’s Ventilation and Light kit for a bathroom that looks and feels light, dry and airy, every day.

What people are saying

The Solatube with fan just finished off the bathroom reno beautifully

Happy Solatube Owner

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Kitchen 1
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Lit living room
Licing room dark
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Start living more lightly today.

With a 10-year warranty, no leaks guaranteed, same-day installation whenever possible, and a Certified Installation Consultant network throughout New Zealand, there are plenty of brilliant reasons to choose Solatube skylight for your home.

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