11 Jan 2024

Solatube Technologies Explained

The technology behind our Solatube DS Range.


Lighting the Way: The Solatube Difference 

Explore the brilliance of Solatube DS Skylights range, a leading solution for natural daylighting. With breakthrough technologies such as our patented dome lens, Raybender® 3000, innovative LightTracker™ reflector, and a practical mesh weep hole, Solatube DS ensures optimal year-round performance. This article showcases how Solatube DS captures and diffuses natural light, eliminating the need for artificial lighting. From controlling harsh summer sunlight to maximizing low-angle winter sunlight, Solatube's DS innovation fosters consistent, beautiful sunshine performance. Solatube DS stands as a beacon of scientific innovation, enhancing aesthetics, promoting energy efficiency, and contributing to overall well-being.  

The Dome 

Solatube DS is a brilliant solution for natural daylighting. Our DS dome features breakthrough technologies ensuring the greatest performance is provided through the year. One of our key features is our patented LDS dome lens, meaning no one else has the same technology as us. We have the Raybender® 3000 technology, innovative light in-dome reflector and the practical mesh weep hole to keep insects/bugs and foliage out of the skylight itself. 

image-20240111094933-1.pngPatented Daylight Capturing Dome Lens 

Compared to our competitors dome, Solatube DS truly uses an elevated technology, which captures and diffuses natural light, consistently delivering results of beautiful sunshine performance throughout the year. The DS dome lens serves as a beacon for sunlight, directing it into your living or working space and eliminating the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. The result is a space that feels open, inviting, and filled with the natural warmth of the sun. 

Raybender® 3000 Technology 

Our Raybender® 3000 technology goes above and beyond for our Solatube DS Skylight, a revolutionary feature that controls harsh summer sunlight while also being able to capture the light on those cloudy days, which we have a lot of here in New Zealand. The technology ensures that your space remains well-lit without the discomfort of glare or excessive heat. The Raybender® 3000 allows you to enjoy consistent daylighting throughout the day, enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of your environment. 

Innovative Light In-Dome Reflector 

The Solatube DS Skylight takes advantage of low-angle winter sunlight with its innovative light in-dome reflector. This technology optimises light capture by redirecting sunlight into the interior of your space, even during the winter months when the sun sits lower in the sky. This ensures that your home has consistent natural light, promoting a positive atmosphere and reducing the reliance on artificial lighting. The Solatube DS Skylight truly maximizes the potential of available daylight, creating a bright and uplifting ambiance. 

Mesh Weep Hole for Practicality: 

In addition to its advanced lighting technologies, the Solatube DS Skylight addresses practical concerns with its mesh weep hole. This feature allows condensation to escape through the mesh, preventing any buildup that could potentially affect the skylight's performance. Most importantly, the mesh weep hole serves as a barrier against insects and bugs, ensuring that your space remains comfortable and bug-free. This attention to detail reflects Solatube DS range's commitment not only to exceptional lighting solutions but also to the overall functionality and longevity of the Solatube skylight. 

The Tube 

Step into the radiant world of Solatube DS Skylights, where daylight isn't just light—it's a science, an art, and a game-changer. Imagine a world where every sunbeam counts, where light bounces with precision and purpose. That’s the world Solatube brings to life. 

Harnessing the Power of Light 

At Solatube, we’ve cracked the code of light reflection. It's not just about bouncing; it's about how it bounces. Total Reflectance, Specular, Diffuse Reflection—these terms define how light moves. And here’s where Solatube stands out: the Spectralight® Infinity Tubing boasts over 99% Specular Reflectance for visible light. Translation? It’s a champion at holding onto light. 

Breaking Down the Brilliance 

Let's talk numbers. Take a tubing material that's 97% reflective Enhanced Silver. In 20 bounces, it waves goodbye to a whopping 45.62% of your light. Now switch lanes to Solatube’s DS range game with Spectralight Infinity 99.7% — in 20 bounces only 5.83% is lost. That is an enormous difference between a flicker and a flood of light!  

However, Solatube DS doesn’t simply assert its brilliance; it substantiates it. Third-party testing rigorously examined Solatube's DS tubing for over two decades, and the results speak volumes: it continues to radiate brightly, maintaining its exceptional reflectance with steadfastness. 



Consistency Through Every Season 

It’s not just about being dazzling; it’s about staying steady. Solatube’s DS special lens and reflector are like superheroes, grabbing sunlight from every angle. So, whether it's a sunny summer day or an overcast winter one, be prepared to be bathed in sunlight.  

Colour Vibes and Light Perfection 

Have you encountered terms like Colour Temperature Maintenance or Visible Transmittance without understanding what it is? Here is a quick explanation, colour Temperature Maintenance or Visible Transmittance is the ability to keep the initial colour appearance of objects/products in your home consistent over time, ensuring the light stays the same colour throughout its lifespan, as well as allowing your home items to be protected from the discolouration sun can deliver. Solatube has mastered these concepts impeccably. Our skylights dynamically adjust to atmospheric conditions, preserving colour fidelity and regulating light ingress effectively. Colour fidelity is the ability to keep colours of an object accurate, as it would appear in natural lighting. Light ingress is controlling the amount and quality of light that enters a room. 



Moving beyond mere numerical ratings, Solatube DS has revolutionised the paradigm. Solatube DS encapsulates tangible real-world performance across varying seasons. It's not merely a numerical value and innovative technology, it’s a commitment to delivering daylight into dark spaces, regardless of the sky's mood swings. 


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