16 Jun 2024

The Ultimate Healthy Home Checklist

As we head into spring, it’s not just important to get started with that big spring clean you’ve been waiting almost a year to get round to, but also to make sure that your home overall is a healthy place to live. Here we’ll discuss some of the factors that affect your quality of life: whether your home ventilation is working as effectively as it should, if the space gets healthy levels of natural light, and if you’re suffering from clutter due to a lack of storage space.

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Natural daylight 

Adequate levels of natural light throughout your home is  important, as a lack of natural light can have a negative impact on your mental health. Using conventional skylights to counter this problem is one obvious solution, as you’ll provide natural light for your home with a window that’s less affected by the time of day and position of the sun than windows on the side of a house. Solatube skylights are a superior option, as our innovative daylighting system can deliver bright daylight from the sun straight into the darkest rooms of your home with the world's most reflective tubing material. Solatube has the ability to capture light all day long, and transfer that light into the exact room of your choosing, even where conventional skylights could never reach.

Home ventilation

Even if your home already has a home ventilation system, it has to be operating effectively in order for your home to be healthy. A house that’s not properly ventilated can cause health problems and, in the long-term, become unsafe to live in. Making sure your home has clean air flowing through it is a key part of making it healthy. Getting a ventilation expert to take a look at your vents is always the best thing to do if you have any concerns about the air that you’re breathing.

Solatube's sister company, Hometech, are the ventilation specialists and have been helping Kiwis for over 30 years to create healthier homes.

Keep your home happy and healthy

Whether your home needs more natural light, or could benefit from an improved ventilation system, Solatube and Hometech have the solutions and know-how to keep your home happy and healthy. 

Contact Solatube or Hometech to learn more.