08 Aug 2024

A Guide To Planning a Home Renovation with Solatube Skylights


If you’re wanting to improve the look and feel of your home, Solatube skylights are a fantastic solution. Introduce more natural light into your home to make the space brighter and happier, and as a means of lowering your overall electrical lighting use during the day.

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Solatube skylights are a cost-effective way to improve overall levels of natural light. We have listed below a few considerations to guide you through choosing the right Solatube skylight for your home renovation.

Budget and design aesthetic

The first consideration for your project will be your budget. If you aren’t working with an unlimited budget, talk to one of the specialists at Solatube to get an opinion on ideal Solatube placement. We can visit you for a free in-home consultation and provide expert advice for installing Solatube skylights in your home.

For areas of the home requiring different types of lighting, we can add a dimmer switch so you can brighten or dim your Solatube skylight as you like (particularly good for living rooms!). You can also add an electric light fitting for use during the night, to make any trips to the kitchen or bathroom well-lit and safe.

Location and limitations 

Another key benefit of Solatube skylights is their ability to disperse greater levels of natural light throughout a home in comparison to windows or traditional bulbs. Solatube's Dual Lens Array technology incorporates special lenses that spread the light right around your room. This is why one Solatube can make a substantial difference even in rooms that would traditionally require multiple lightbulbs. Solatube's greater light dispersion also provides flexibility with where you want to position your Solatube skylights fort he best look and feel in your home.

When you’re planning your renovation, Identify the direction and quality of light received by your home during the day, as this will help determine placement and any limitations of your home’s positioning. Look at how your preferred daylighting system integrates with your existing structure, and how you’ll fit these in to the finished home.

How to create healthier spaces with natural light

Solatube has helped thousands of Kiwis install natural light solutions in their homes, creating healthier environments for families across the country. Our Solatube skylights use cutting-edge technology to capture and direct sunlight throughout your home. Dark spaces will come alive for a brighter, healthier space.

Contact Solatube today to talk to an expert about your upcoming renovation and how a Solatube skylight make your home happier and healthier.