12 Jun 2024

3 Ways Solatube Skylights Are Sure to Impress You This Winter

Winter is coming – it’s getting a few degrees colder and the sun is setting a lot earlier than any of us sun-chasers would like. But winter doesn’t have to be as dark and desolate as we anticipate. With a great daylighting system, we can keep the shadows at bay and continue to welcome natural light into our homes, even during cloudy winter days. 

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Not all skylights and daylighting systems are made equal. Solatube skylights are leading the daylight revolution with the best materials, the most advanced technologies, and the most progressive engineering. Solatube has created high-performing, cost-effective and affordable skylights that will brighten up your day – all year round. Here are just three ways Solatube skylights are sure to impress you this winter.

1. Consistent throughout the seasons.

Solatube skylights have an unsurpassed year-round performance that allows it to consistently provide bright, natural light throughout the seasons – yes, even in winter! Solatube skylights are equipped with Raybender® 3000 technology in the daylight capturing dome that redirects low-angle sunlight, and an innovative in-dome LightTracker™ Reflector that redirects winter sunlight for maximum light capture for consistent daylighting throughout the day. Finally, the Spectralight® Infinity Tubing, made of the world’s most reflective material, maximises sunlight transfer to lower floors. 

All these optical technologies are integrated in Solatube skylights so your home is always naturally illuminated when it matters most. 

2. Solatube skylights are versatile.

In winter, proper insulation and ventilation ensures that your home remains safe, comfortable and healthy to live in. Glass from traditional skylights give rising heat an easy place to escape. Solatube skylights on the other hand provide exceptional insulating results. The Natural Effect Lens adds insulation properties similar to double glazing to minimise heat loss. Ventilation add-on kits are also available to passively extract excess moisture in the home that can easily build-up during the winter months, efficiently managing humidity levels to make it easier to heat in winter.

The Solatube daylighting system is the most efficient and customizable daylighting solution for your home, combining great design with innovative tech to give you great value all year round. 

3. The smartest lighting solution. 

Since it gets darker much earlier in winter, you may think that installing a skylight isn’t a practical daylighting solution. To solve this issue, the Solatube Smart LED System was born. This system blends sunlight with LED lighting to seamlessly illuminate rooms day and night. The integrated LEDs supplement daylight at dusk and dawn, providing consistent lighting to your interior space. An optional occupancy sensor also ensures that the LED lighting is never on in an empty room to minimise energy use throughout the day and night. 

Our power consumption generally increases during the winter, so minimising our use of electrical lighting fixtures where we can with Solatube Daylighting Systems can offer significant power savings. 

Solatube Skylights: The Best Daylighting System All Year Round

Brighten up your winter days with Solatube skylights and daylighting systems! Contact the team here at Solatube NZ to find out which Solatube daylighting solution is best for you.