09 Nov 2024

How to choose a Solatube Skylight



Choosing the right Solatube skylight for your needs is an easy and straight forward process. Our team of specialists and local certified Solatube licensees can provide in-home consultations to help make sure you receive the right solution. In this article we will go over the various factors involved in choosing a Solatube skylight. 


Room size and shape 

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you do. But it does mean you need another light source. Solatube’s DS range Light Add-on Kit fits an LED light right inside the tube that can be turned on and off like a regular light. Keeping your ceiling clutter free without the need for another lighting fixture.


Solar-Powered NightLight

Night and day.png

An LED light that mimics the look and feel of moonlight, is powered by the sun and turns on automatically after the sun goes down. A great option for hallways and kitchens. Say goodbye to the days of reaching for the light switch while trying not to trip in the middle of the night.


Skylights with ventilation

skylights with ventilation.jpg

Most often used in bathrooms, Solatube with a ventilation add-on kit is available for the Solatube 160DS skylight. With quiet operation, the ventilation add-on kit works exactly like a regular standalone bathroom fan without adding more clutter to your ceiling. Keeping your bathroom humidity-free is important to a healthy and happy home. An excellent option for interior bathrooms that lack outside windows as the combination of natural light and moisture extraction keeps your bathroom clean and healthy.


Decorative ceiling fixture

diffuser 1.jpgdiffuser 2.png

Deliver natural daylight in style with Solatube’s range of decorative diffusers. You have the option to choose round or square (square is only for DS range), as well as different designs to best match your home’s interior. Ask your local Solatube licensee to see examples in-person.


At Solatube New Zealand, we help our customers from start to finish. Choosing the best solution to suit your needs and providing assistance along the way. The process is easy and you can be rest assured you are in good hands with a nation-wide network of certified licensees who will install your Solatube skylight with a standard 10-year warranty and 10-year Leakproof guarantee.


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