15 Oct 2024

Solatube or Conventional Skylights: 5 key considerations

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Soft and even light distribution

Solatube DS skylights aren’t just a window mounted on your roof. Solatube DS is a brilliantly innovative product that distributes light evenly throughout your living space with the use of decorative lenses. These lenses diffuse the natural light captured by the light collecting dome on your roof for a soft and enjoyable lighting experience that reaches all corners of your living space.

Conventional skylights allow the harsh New Zealand sun to enter directly into your home without any diffusion. This means the sun can be too bright at certain times of the day and the natural light will only reach a portion of your space and create hot spots.

Where conventional skylights allow the harsh New Zealand sun to enter your home, Solatube’s DS innovative lenses soften the harsh light for a more enjoyable lighting experience that stays consistent all year round.


Bring beautiful natural light into any room

Conventional skylights are limited to where they can be installed and your roofs orientation can have a major impact the amount of natural light entering your home. With Solatube you have greater flexibility and options for where to install thanks to it’s innovative tubular design that can bend around rafters and walls to reach virtually any room of your home, including multi-story applications where conventional skylights would otherwise be impossible.

Solatube DS skylights are lined with Spectralight Infinity, the worlds most reflective material, with a 99.7% spectral reflectivity. This maximizes the amount of natural light entering your living space with minimal light loss. Allowing installations in those hard to reach spaces like closets, bathrooms and pantries.


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10-year leakproof guarantee

At Solatube, not only are we natural lighting experts, we are roof penetration experts too. We use proprietary roof flashings that follow the contour of your roof profile and ensure there will be no leaking in your future. Something we all know and dread when it comes to conventional skylights.

All Solatube skylights are installed by a certified professional and come standard with our 10-year Leakproof Guarantee for your peace of mind. Enjoy all the beautiful natural light and leave the worries of leaks behind.

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Block harmful UV rays

We all love the New Zealand sun, but we also know the UV rays can be harmful to both us and our belongings. While conventional skylights allow UV rays to pass through, Solatube blocks nearly all harmful UV rays from entering your home.

Blocking UV rays means protecting your furniture, flooring and other belongings from fading over time. It also means you and your loved ones won’t be exposed to UV rays while indoors either.

More than just a skylight

Solatube DS is so much more than a skylight. The tubular design allows for innovative add-on kits to transform your Solatube into a multi-purpose powerhouse.

Don’t just bring beautiful natural light indoors, control the sun with the touch of a button with a Solar-Powered Daylight Dimmer. Great for watching movies during the day or keeping your bedroom dark in the early morning.

When the sun goes down, your Solatube DS skylight doesn’t have to stop working for you. With an LED Light Add-on Kit, or Solar-Power NightLight, you have a multi-purpose fixture without adding clutter to your ceiling. Enjoy beautiful natural light during the day, and energy-efficient LED lighting at night.


When it comes to natural lighting, Solatube DS range skylights offer more than conventional skylights. Bring in all the good and leave out the bad.

Contact or Call our Solatube specialists today to learn how you can reap the benefits of a Solatube DS skylight in your home. Ask for a free in-home consultation and expert advice.