19 Feb 2024

Solatube's Contribution to Grapevine Animal Shelter


Solatube is offered worldwide and has managed to make great impacts all over the world, especially for Grapevine Animal Services Shelter and Adoption Centre in Texas USA. The 13,245 square foot shelter, located in Grapevine, Texas, serves as a crucial hub for the local community, focusing on pet adoptions, animal welfare, humane law enforcement, and wildlife concerns. 


The primary challenge for the shelter was to create a welcoming and functional environment that prioritised the health and comfort of animals, boosted staff morale, and provided an inviting atmosphere for visitors to facilitate the adoption process. 


To address these challenges, the facility was meticulously designed, both in terms of exterior aesthetics and interior functionality. Specialised areas were incorporated, such as indoor cat condos, dog play yards, and a get-to-know courtyard for potential pet owners. Additionally, features like a heated and ventilated drive-thru sally port were included to ensure secure and comfortable animal delivery and transfer. The interior of the shelter was strategically organised into dedicated zones for various functions, catering to the diverse needs of the animals and optimising operational efficiency. 


The integration of Solatube Skylights resulted in a brighter and more inviting atmosphere, prioritising animal health and comfort, boosting staff morale, and increasing the chances of successful animal adoptions. 

Solatube's Contribution: 

Recognising the significance of daylight in promoting animal and staff well-being, the shelter actively pursued a design strategy centred on infusing interior spaces with abundant natural light. Collaborating with Solatube, the shelter strategically integrated nine units of SolaMaster 750 DS. Known for their cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness, harvest daylight at the rooftop, transfer it down a highly reflective tube, and evenly distribute it into interior spaces through a diffuser at the ceiling. This solution ensures a consistent, glare-free illumination on both sunny and cloudy days without introducing heat or cold into the interior. 

Impact of Natural Light: 

A 2013 study highlighted the vital role daylight plays in enhancing the overall well-being of shelter animals and creating a conducive environment for successful adoptions. Natural daylight reinforces circadian rhythms, benefiting both animals and staff, reducing stress and anxiety in shelter animals, and increasing serotonin levels to improve mood. 


The Solatube Skylights have significantly enhanced the shelter's environment, reducing stress, improving moods, and fostering a healthier atmosphere for animals, staff, and visitors alike. Kristina Valentine, CAWA Animal Services Manager at Grapevine Animal Services Shelter and Adoption Center, acknowledges the transformative impact of prioritising natural daylight, leading to increased adoption rates. For design assistance or information about Solatube, call us on 0800 765 288 to talk to one of our experts.