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Combine natural daylight with ventilation

Your bathroom is a busy place—usually one of the busiest and most important in your home, second only to the kitchen! Ensure you make the most of your bathroom and keep it looking good by installing a Solatube with Ventilation Add-On Kit. It not only bathes your bathroom in natural light, it also keeps steam away, and don't forget—steam doesn't just make it annoying to see yourself in the mirror, it can actually start to destroy the walls themselves with damaging moisture.

Plus, if you also fit your Solatube daylighting system with the Light Add-On Kit, for nighttime use, you will have a beautiful, uncluttered ceiling, with everything you need in one sleek system.

Vent Kit highres flat

Shower your bathroom with natural daylight

Natural light has numerous health benefits, but it’s particularly good for your bathroom, as sunlight is known to kill and inhibit the growth of microbes responsible for bad odours and mould. By ventilating steam or warm air, and letting natural daylight into your bathroom, you’re helping keep the space de-odourised and free from mould that poses health problems and damage your home. It’s important to stop mould in its tracks, especially here in the New Zealand climate, and a quality ventilation system helps immensely. Don’t let bugs get a foothold in your bathroom—keep it clean with Solatube.

Combining natural light with high-quality fresh air is a great, cost-effective strategy to possibly lengthen the lifespan of your bathroom, and invest in the health of your home, and your family. Enjoy lighting and ventilation in one! Get in touch with us today to find out more about the Solatube skylight with ventilation product and the rest of the Solatube range!

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